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About Us

We are a small privately owned company and U.S. Area Jobs is our main job board but we have local job boards scattered across the South and Mid West that serve local communities. People looking for a new job or career will search the web for local job opportunities and they find our local job boards.

Large job boards have accounts with major corporations and the military/government. These organizations will often post a dozen or several dozens ads at one time. When a small employer post an ad on a large corporate job board it is quickly buried by an avalanche of corporate block ads and shoved back many pages deep where few if any will ever see it. One local ad is often overlooked by job seekers skimming past the redundant corporate block ads.

Job seekers aren't loyal to any one job board, they will go to several different ones. So even though we may only have a few job ads posted those ads are seen by many people. In fact, your job ad posted on our sites will actually stand a better chance of getting seen than on a large corporate job board.

Being a small company also means that we're more responsive to the needs of our customers. You just won't get the personalized service with large corporate job boards as you will with us!

Job Posting Information

Job ads posted on our website will be displayed near the top of our Home Page in our "Featured Jobs" section. When a jobseeker clicks on an ad link the full ad will be displayed on a separate page.

Posting a job ad costs $95 (non-refundable). Only one job ad is allowed in one job post. Job ads that contain more than one job may be edited to show just one job.

We do not offer any guarantee or assurance that your job ad will receive a response. The $95 job posting fee is to display your job ad on our website for 30 days. We do not refund job ad payments.

All job ads are subject to verification and may at our discretion be omitted, edited or removed.

Most of our job ads are processed through this job board ( and are displayed on this site and on the local job board where it originated.

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